The Best Features of Huawei Site Kit

by Robert Hulse

Following the ban by the US government, Huawei had to create systems that allowed Huawei to thrive without popular services. This birthed the Huawei Mobile Service (HMS) and that includes the Huawei Site Kit. What does the Huawei Site Kit do?

In summary, this site kit helps developers create apps that give its users the best UX experience and makes them accessible in several parts of the world. Users can explore the world wherever they are.

Want to learn more about the Huawei Site Kit?

Let’s dive in.

Everything you need to know about the Huawei Site Kit

The Site Kit should be every developer’s best friend. This is because the kit allows apps to provide convenient, fast, and protected access to different services. It aims to give users the best UX experience possible.

How is this done?

When developers use the Huawei Site Kit to develop apps, the navigation process becomes extremely easy for users. The Huawei Site Kit works on Android devices and HMS Core version 4.0.3 or later versions.

  • Appropriate Keyword Search:

When a developer creates an app using the Huawei Site Kit, users of the app can search for keywords and get valuable results. This is very helpful for content creators, developer agencies, and hosting providers

  • Location detail:

It allows users to search for information about a place or location. If a user needs full details about a particular place, the site kit makes this a very seamless experience.

They can get information about their way of life, food, housing experiences, travel plans, etc.

Note that this can also be done for the user’s current location

  • Time zone calculation:

Want to create an app where users can calculate their time zones? You have no worries. The Huawei Site Kit gives a platform where users can get their time zones through their current location coordinates, or get the time zones of other places.

The process is called Geocoding. It can change street coordinates to house addresses.

  • Location suggestion:

The Huawei site kit accesses the user’s location and suggest nearby locations depending on where they want to go. This service can come in very handy for tourists and first-time visitors.

Now, you may be wondering as a developer, ‘how can I learn fully about the Huawei Site kit and integrate it into my apps?”

Not to worry. Codelab is here to guide you every step of the way.

What is Huawei Site Kit Codelab?

Glad you asked.

The Codelab is a learning forum hosted by the Huawei Site Kit that teaches you how to integrate Huawei Site SDK, so that users can have easy and protected access to location-based services.

During the Codelab sessions, you’d be required to create a hands-on location-based app. For instance, you may be asked to create a place search app that can be used to find nearby places using your current location coordinates, or integrate the map and site SDK to show specific places on a map.

What will you need?

Software requirements are Android Studio and JDK, while hardware requirements are a mobile phone (running on Android 4.4) and a desktop.

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