Signs Of Impending Laptop Battery Failure

by Robert Hulse

Laptop batteries are often expensive on purpose – laptop manufacturers design them to fit uniquely in your laptop so that they can have full control of the replacement battery market. If you are used to high-quality batteries such as the Batterie A41-X550E, you may not encounter laptop battery failure situations often, if ever.

To maintain an excellent laptop use experience, it is advisable to purchase only original laptop batteries. The majority of warranties only cover two years maximum. The fact that your laptop battery will eventually fail after extended periods of use means that you need to replace your laptop battery every two to three years. Let’s focus on the signs of impending laptop battery failure.

Signs of impending laptop battery failure

1. Constant shutdowns

A good portion of the laptops available in the market today have built-in mechanisms for automatically shutting down the system to avoid damage to the components. An improved interface in Windows 10 has not solved this problem, unfortunately. Software failures can also be the culprit here, but hardware failures are mostly responsible.

2. Laptop overheating

Laptops typically get hot during heavy usage. However, it is not normal for laptops to get hot during small task usage. If the fans spin wildly even when doing small tasks, the battery almost always has a problem. A smaller capacity laptop battery gets hotter much faster than a higher capacity cell.

3. Warnings from Windows

As an operating system, Windows does well by warning users of impending PC battery failure. It indicates that you need a battery replacement. The BIOS utilizes signals to determine if the battery needs to be replaced.

4. Battery aging

There is no device in the world built to last forever. Extended usage guarantees that the battery will eventually fail. In addition to this, the most common indicator of battery age is a decreasing charging capacity. Typically, laptop batteries are usually covered by two-year warranties. This is a good indicator of the time that should lapse before you replace the laptop battery.

Common laptop battery problems

1. Memory effect

This happens when users continually charge the battery without letting it discharge completely. With time, the battery loses the ability to remember its unused capacity and discharges faster after each round of use. This can be avoided by allowing your battery to discharge completely once a month. However, the memory effect mostly affects older models of laptops.

2. Excessive heating

High temperature naturally harms the lifespan of most laptop batteries. Sweltering temperatures can cause your battery to discharge prematurely and lead to battery failure.

3. Manufacturing defects

A lot of manufacturers have over the recent years been forced to recall batches of their batteries. This is due to defects that led to battery malfunctions. This has in the past affected Apple, Toshiba, Dell, and even Sony. It is always important to check if any recall has been issued for your laptop battery model in case of defects.

4. Loss of capacity due to age

Over time, laptop batteries shrink and lose their ability to charge fully. It is essential to replace PC batteries that can no longer hold a charge. Such is a vital doing since it even protects your laptop.


Batteries are an integral component of every laptop. They can, however, be affected by several issues, including swelling, aging, loss of capacity, and manufacturer defects. As such, always make sure you purchase original laptop batteries like the Batterie A41-X550E.

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