Take better care with huawei smartwatch 3

by Robert Hulse

Are you looking for a reliable fitness tracker? That is what you need! This amazing smartwatch 3 from Huawei does everything from track your steps to monitor your heart rate. It’s time to enjoy the peaks of being stylish and convenient. With an impressive 12 hours of battery time, it will keep going even when all others have only lasted about six hours. Wear the watch 3 in the UK alone or dress it up with one of our accessories––we are sure that whichever one you choose will make its arrival worth it:

An epic battery life:

The Huawei Watch 3 has an improved 14-day battery life, so you can go on all of your adventures with no interruptions. The improved fitness features let you take the ultimate step towards achieving your goals. Whether it’s hiking 8000 meters to reach a camping site or training for a marathon, the SmartWatch 3 is the perfect partner in the journey. You’ll be able to keep track of everything from your heart rate and cadence to calories burned along the way, using innovative sensors that are also designed to stay hidden at optimal contact points on your wrist. Text messages? GPS location? No problem!

Care for your needs with a smartwatch 3:

Whether you’re at home, the office, or on your feet all day long, Huawei Watch 3 can help take care of all your fitness needs. Fall detection with the SOS emergency feature means that when accidents happen and seniors become more fragile and prone to fall risks, you don’t have to worry about getting up or their phone number. Simple gestures let them reply to texts and calls without even touching the display.

Plus, the improved heart rate monitoring gives you more accuracy than ever before so you know if you’re reading goes up when you get stressed out. Likewise never be without a map or connection, and always stay at the top of your active moments with step-by-step guidance on activity tracking. Playing golf like never before, recording indoor training to get ready for next season’s games, doing reps in the weight room until no more–watch 3 will stay by your side every second.

Better control:

There are people in your life who annoy you. Want to simply mute unwanted and annoying calls and group notifications? It’s time for the Watch 3 with Digital Touch ID + SIM Slot. All it takes is a simple swipe between screens, this watch will have everything you need when you’re doing something simple but important. Smart-locking the screen ensures thieves won’t see all your privileged data, either—so there’s no more panicking after every smartphone theft story in the news.

Quick and intuitive to use, the apps on the watch allow you to manage your life without needing a phone or a laptop. The user interface is organized with a clear, simple-to-navigate grid display, making navigating each of your favorite apps easy. Say goodbye to being tethered to your smartphone. Make calls, play music, download apps and more all from your wrist with Huawei Watch 3.

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