How to Keep Your Laptop Battery Healthy

by Robert Hulse

People have come up with different beliefs over the years on how to ensure the Dell laptop battery is healthy at all times. One thing is for sure; the laptop battery will not last a lifetime. Nonetheless, some tips can help to ensure the laptop battery lasts longer. Other than getting a Genuine Dell Battery, below are tips on how to ensure the Dell laptop battery is healthy at all times.

Don’t Fully Charge It

It is recommended that the laptop battery charge should always range between 40 to 80 percent for those using nickel-based batteries. For people using lithium-ion batteries, such tips also come in handy.

If possible, the laptop battery charge should always be in that range. If it is fully charged, you should unplug the charger. Most people fail to adhere to such tips, which means their Dell laptop battery health will be affected. If you’ve left the battery to charge overnight, you can use a socket that ensures it’ll stop charging after it’s full.

Fully Discharge the Battery Once a Month

You shouldn’t discharge the lithium-ion batteries regularly. Currently, we have modern batteries, and they can tell you how long they have till the charge is depleted. After some discharges, the laptop may miscalculate the time left for the battery charge to be depleted because of miscalibration.

According to the manufacturer, the laptop battery should be discharged fully once a month to ensure no miscalibration.

Turn the Laptop Over Daily and Blow the Back for at least 15 Minutes Daily.

Many people usually overlook this tip. The excess heat poses a major issue to the processor and the laptop battery.

A hot battery will degrade fast as compared to one that is cool at all times. Ensure you’ve stayed out of the heat when you’re using the laptop. Also, ensure the laptop is well stored in an area with cool temperatures.

If you use the laptop daily and subject it to high temperatures, it will lose a considerable amount of charge within a limited period. The only way to avoid such issues by storing the laptop in an area with cool temperatures.

Perform Shallow Discharges

Instead of discharging the laptop at all times, you should discharge the lithium-ion batteries then charge them for a limited period. When you discharge to 50 percent, the battery life will improve rather than opt for large discharges.

Final Thought

To maintain good Dell laptop battery health, you should adhere to each of the tips listed above just in case you launch a complaint that your battery is dead. While you adhere to each of these tips, you can unplug some of the unused items, including webcams and hard drives, and anything else using the battery power. Also, utilize the battery saver mode. Turn down the screen brightness, turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi if there is no need for a connection, and ensure the laptop has enough RAM.

You’re now in a position to maintain good Dell laptop battery health and ensure it lasts longer.

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